Clouds Are Man Made

Clouds Are Man-Made


Fair Weather Clouds Hold Dirty Secret

Geoengineering and Cloud Seeding 
Monika, an elderly lady from Münchenerin, plunges to her death from a hot-air balloon. Before her last breath draws from her frail body, her pain serves as a reminder to what is important in life. Her agony, her senseless and meaningless torture, was not “in vain.” She spent 53 years on earth as a happy girl, then lady, then elderly inspiration. She wanted to live her life out, as the other elderly in Germany, serving as an example to the youth – and a grandmother to the grandmother-less. In 2008, Monika began to suffer. Her bed-sheets were covered in fibers, her friends called her “delusional,” both her doctor and the Federal Bureau of Investigation claimed “no knowledge” of the source of her disease. She is not alone. Over 14,000 people are diagnosed with Morgellons disease in America, and it is estimated that millions more have the disease – and assumed that the entire global population has been affected by it. Monika will no longer see her family. Monika will no longer enjoy her life. Monika ended her life – as she could no longer enjoy it – thanks to some who destroyed it.

Stories such as this one are far too common and should not happen. People have the power to change what is seen, and people should also have the courage to stand against it. No person should end up like Monika, and no person should suffer as she did. This problem can be solved, though like Monika’s case, it will be neither quick nor easy.

The purpose of this proposal to end geoengineering and cloud seeding is to convince the readers that truth is stranger than fiction. Their assumptions of a “cloudy” forecast are as their delusions of an “act of God” creating tornadoes.  The problem of permissible pollution and the outcome of various “cloud seeding” experiments has murdered countless individuals for over a century. The admissions of TWMA (2010), NOAA (2006), and NASA (1996), who are all participants in this cloud seeding and geoengineering scheme, will establish my credibility; although it is merely a criminal admitting to a crime.

Everyone is affected by the weather. It it often said, “people talk about the weather, but never do anything about it.” Most people believe that when they look up, they see a cloud. Most people believe that when they look up, they see a contrail. Neither is true, and neither of those forms of “nature” exist . Cloud seeding and geoengineering should be abolished, investigated, and prosecuted – as these programs have murdered countless numbers of people, have led to the destruction of billions of dollars in land, homes, and businesses – and are a liability to national security and existence as human beings.

This problem began in the 1800s. Though many people may argue that “there was cloudy weather before the 1800s,”  America is, unfortunately, becoming more and more like the genocidal mongrels in Communist China. Also, no cloud that we will ever lay eyes upon – is “natural,” but rather man-made. The first cloud seeding experiments, in Texas, took place in 1891. After noticing that the Civil War bombardments and shellings produced rain, Texas generals decided to “break the balanced state of nature” by reproducing the effect of gunpowder shellings into the sky. In 1923, aircraft began to enhance these cloud-seeding projects with silver iodide, cooperating with the ground-seeding technique, with the ability to target specific cities and locations with rainfall. The question is: why? This is very simple to answer. Four percent of Americans are diagnosed as a “sociopath.” Over twelve-million Americans are labeled as having “no conscious,” and no regard for human life. Cloud seeding and geoengineering is nothing more than a control-freak, similar to a wife-beater, who seeks power over the feeble and weak, while playing God with Mother Earth. There is simply no other excuse for weather modification, as there never has been – and never will be.

So, people are left with the question “are any clouds formed naturally?” Some say that “schools teach that clouds form from condensation, and the sunlight causes clouds to form by evaporation.” Science begs to differ. According to physics, Homogenus (water-only clouds) can only be produced in a laboratory, and do not form naturally in the atmosphere. In addition, clouds require Cloud Condensation Nuclei to form, which consists of soot, sulfur, or salt. The only “natural” cloud that will ever be produced by Earth, is from a volcanic eruption or fire. Fog is natural, fog is condensation. Clouds, however, are atmospheric balls of pollution. When cloud condensation nuclei are released into the atmosphere, water attaches to them from humidity and forced cloud-seeding, and will produce rainfall (eventually). This is how forest fires are able to “put themselves out.”

Can cloud seeding happen on its own?


“Yes! Cloud seeding occurs naturally when forests burn. This is because the smoke that is created is full of particles that help in naturally seeding clouds. This is why often forest fires are put out by rain.”

Another problem generated by cloud seeding is that deaths, by the millions, occur every single year. We will never know the true death toll from cloud-seeding, but as the World Health Organization stated in 2012, 7 million people (1 out of 8) died from pollution-related ailments alone. This does not include accidents attributed to weather, injuries, tornadoes, hurricanes, and any other “natural disaster” that is blamed on “an act of God.” However, most cults, including the climate cult, do blame their actions on God. If clouds formed naturally, if the assumption that “water evaporates to the atmosphere to form a cloud” were true, it would be accepted as “natural disasters” or an “act of God.” However, this is far from the truth. Cloud condensation nuclei consist of sulfur dioxide, soot, and similar pollution. Without cloud condensation nuclei, clouds cannot form. Cloud condensation nuclei as mentioned, are seeds for cloud growth. When forests are burned, it rains. There is absolutely no difference between the destruction of the earth and the destruction of another human being – as they all are correlated factors – considering that we must live together on Earth – and without our life-sustaining planet – we cannot survive. To make a claim that states “Earth’s clouds are not real” should warrant sufficient evidence, correct? The reality is, only a few hundred years ago, a blue sky was what everyone on this planet was able to enjoy. Two laws of physics, which agree with my statement: the Kelvin effect and Raoult’s Law, state that “supersaturation required in the atmosphere to produce a cloud, naturally, is approximately 400%.” In the natural coolness of the atmosphere, the wind and gravity effects of natural fog on earth, the Earth’s atmosphere remains below 2% supersaturation. Without atmospheric forcing or a volcanic eruption, no cloud will ever form over a blue sky. Since man built the first fire, man burned the first forest, man caused his own destruction with cloud seeding. What was once a beautiful, blue sky – is now a haze over humanity.

“Cloud condensation nuclei are necessary for cloud droplets formation because of the Kelvin effect, which describes the change in saturation vapor pressure due to a curved surface. At small radii, the amount of supersaturation needed for condensation to occur is so large, that it does not happen naturally.”


Wikipedia, Cloud Physics


One effect of cloud seeding which one should particularly detest, is the obvious potential for death. Who can look at someone die, even on television, without compassion? Better yet, who can kill someone – and do it again the next day? Anyone who actively and knowingly seeds clouds, whether as part of a government organization or as an indirect pollutant of society (i.e. power plants), knowingly participates in murder. Obviously, anyone who repeats murder is a serial killer. There are less cloud seeding bases in America than there are deaths from cloud seeding on a daily basis. Thus, each cloud seeding base is responsible for at least one death that day, on average, and continues to seed clouds again – the very next day. One excuse for cloud seeding is “drought.” Another excuse is “a military operation.” Another excuse is “global warming.” All of these excuses for cloud seeding and geoengineering, simply by reminding people of how it all began. Fog dispersal was used to clear the air for visibility of military aircraft. Rain was produced in Operation Popeye, during Vietnam, to rain on peaceful protesters who planned to disrupt the war with love and peace signs. Not to mention, most deaths were caused by infection in Vietnam, from Bioprecipitation, which is gram-negative soil bacteria or “dust” used to produce rain. In addition, the Bay of Pigs invasion failed due to cloud seeding, causing the deaths of hundreds of people. As for “global warming,” we are actually facing a global cooling. I will remind us of the “Climategate” scandal, which proves that our temperature has actually declined in recent years, and we are suffering from no potential threat of a “carbon dioxide attributed rise in temperature.” Regardless of excuses, there is no excuse for rape. The Earth did not ask for pollution in its blue eye, and we did not ask for pollution in our blue sky.

Another effect is the toxicity of the soil, migration of the bees to their own death (and thus, ours), and the destruction of soil and the toxicity of our crops and food supply. The toxicity of the soil from sulfur dioxide, aluminum particulates, strontium, and fungus – yes, fungus is used in cloud seeding – is rather disturbing and destructive. Bioprecipitation, as mentioned, is the process of using “rain-making bacteria” to produce a dusty atmosphere, which will collect any available condensation in conjunction with cloud condensation nuclei, and produce rainfall. While some claim that “acid rain” is a rare occurrence, the very cause of acid rain is sulfur dioxide; and that sulfur dioxide is the main source of cloud condensation nuclei. Not to mention, the very cause of “global warming,” the non-existent rise in temperature, is Carbon Dioxide. According to every single cloud seeding organization that does not use aircraft-based sources, dry-ice (frozen Carbon Dioxide), is the main (ground-based) cloud-seeding ingredient. While our nation fakes the reduction of Carbon emissions, taxing Americans for breathing out with “Carbon Credits,” federally-funded cloud seeding operations are performed with a $1.5 million federal budget, which does not include state budgets; hence, state-funding accounting for most of the cloud seeding monetary input. This fact also clarifies the excuse of a “military operation.” No soldier will be deployed to attack their own citizens. This is why military intelligence operatives, who have a history of treason, will be deployed to further research into geoengineering.

As we saw with the tornado in Joplin Missouri, as we saw with Hurricane Sandy, as we watch the Philippines Typhoon on television; real people are displaced. Real people die. People are accustomed to viewing these people through a television set, through a news story. These are real people, with real lives, real families, and real memories – and are no more important than others. For someone to allow another person to die is to allow our their death. For someone to allow millions of people to be displaced in one day, from one cloud-seeded storm, and yet to understand the mentality of those who perform this disgusting program – would be beyond foolish. What did our justice system do to Charles Manson? Timothy McVeigh? We placed them in prison, as the serial killer sociopaths that they are. We had to do such to prevent future crimes performed by such mindless and cruel individuals. As with an animal that cannot be controlled in society, if a bear is loose in a neighborhood – we must call animal control to put it in its place so that no residents are harmed. Now that this very simple fact that “no clouds are natural” has been presented, who will rise against the serial killers? Who will believe that it is for a “drought,” for “global warming,” who will be the next to ride in the serial killer’s car to the edge of the woods? Are people foolish enough to hitchhike with Ted Bundy… again?

Will Monika’s death be “in vain?” Why did she question this in her suicide note? Was she attention-seeking for herself with an act of suicide, or as a cry for desperate help in unspeakable pain and torment? Who does her death benefit? Herself? Every crime has a motive. Why would someone dump fungus on the world? Sounds crazy – doesn’t it? We live in a world with 4% people diagnosed as a sociopath with no conscious, who think that it is “funny” to harm and destroy the other 96%. We live in a world where power is measured by a comma in the bank account, where happiness is measured in numbers. How could destroying the planet create profit? How could releasing a Monsanto transformation-method-patented fiber, agrobacterium tumefaciens (rhizobium radiobacter) / Morgellons, profit organizations and individuals who perform these cruel acts? This is the reality of monopolies, this is how business works – this is how some people are. As unfortunate as it is, we can only expose the truth in hopes that it will change. 1891 was the first year of government-funded cloud seeding, and the beginning of a destructive era for America.


Figure 1: Natural Disasters Reported 1900-2009, (EM-DAT) 2009. 
Correlation of “natural disasters” since the conception of cloud seeding.

As shown in Figure 1, cloud seeding experiments began in 1891, and the above image reflects the account of “natural disasters” including floods, tornadoes, hurricanes, and other events as the cloud seeding program began to increase and multiply to other states and organizations. Despite their best intentions of “playing god” with Mother Earth, cloud seeding and geoengineering has left a trail of destruction and death along the way, killing approximately 20,000 people per day, worldwide.

The best plan to solve the cloud seeding and geoengineering problem is educating the public about the reality of manufactured weather, plan for alternative and reliable sources of water, and use sustainability of renewable resources (which are plentiful); rather than relying on a temporary solution for a permanent problem. Because cloud seeding and geoengineering have caused (and continue to cause) massive deaths, and do so on a daily basis, people should treat any cloud seeding project as an emergency-attention need. When someone is being murdered, we dial 911. When 40% of the population is dying from air quality, people need absolute emergency intervention to these obviously destructive and deadly forces that threaten our very existence. The public should also find reliable alternatives to water sources for man-made farms who wish to mass-produce food, such as government grants for farming irrigation techniques. When cloud seeding is used to produce rain, rather than irrigation, the farmer is not the only one who receives the acidic water on his land; as roads, homes, and schools are drowned in acid rain. Thus, when cloud seeding “waters the plains,” so to speak, it is nothing more than “playing God” with an Ant Farm – but some kids who liked to “shake it up” never “grew up.” Ending cloud seeding would ironically, as shown in the next section, end drought as well as stabilize the climate to a natural state of the earth’s cycle – in conjunction with the orbit of the sun (Hołyst, 2013). The main benefit of ending cloud seeding and geoengineering is to allow the continuing sustainability of life that our planet has produced for the population for generations.

These solutions are better than proposed cloud seeding and geoengineering schemes, since these remedies would not only cost much less – but would also create jobs and increase the health of our planet and its inhabitants. The health benefits of humans are highly affected by cloud seeding and geoengineering, as 1 out of every 8 humans die from air pollution; while 40% of deaths are attributed to air-pollution related causes (Pokharel, 2010). While carbon dioxide is emitted in the form of “poof” clouds, sulfur dioxide is emitted to “counteract it” with further pollution. Both programs equally contribute to the death of humans in this case. In addition, weather modification programs have displaced millions, destroyed many third-world nations, and have cost insurance companies billions – which eventually leads to the collapse of a corporation, one-by-one, and then an economy in its entirety. Of course, ending cloud seeding and geoengineering would be a rather difficult task to accomplish – as nearly ⅔ of nations participate in this scheme; with the most active being Communist nations, such as Russia and China. By simply engaging the public with the truth about their weather, about the man-made clouds that form man-made storms, a decision can be made based upon simple facts. When people assume that their weather was formed from water, as it may have been “natural” as taught, it completely distracts from the logic of cloud seeding and geoengineering – which, without volcanic activity or fire, are required to produce any type of clouds that are now seen on earth.

Above pictured: No “water clouds” can form naturally on earth (homogeneous).

There are three steps to making this idea a reality. First, there must be alternative energy sources. Combustion-energy production must cease immediately, as there are many, many sources of perpetual-motion production capabilities that can provide a higher over-unity production as well as a non-pollutant source of production. Next, cloud seeding bases and geoengineering sources must be closed and investigated for potential further use. With any cloud seeding scheme, unfortunately, the person who is creating the storm is intentionally and knowingly committing a crime of destruction. People cannot ignore reality and pretend that this is an “act of God” when science refutes the obvious. We cannot deny logic, we must face reality head-on, and understand that any weather modification activity is murder. Finally, we must educate the public about the reality of the atmosphere. For over a century, we have been made to believe that any weather is natural – which is only false in the case of the four seasons with the earth’s rotation. If we truly understood the death toll from cloud seeding – the cancer caused by humidity and sulfates, the infections from bioprecipitation, the overall affect of pollution and carbon nanotubes on the human population and their life spans in general – the people would take immediate action against it. Humanity cannot live in denial to change the future; and if it repeats the past, it will continue to see the same results.

This plan will help to save human lives and the future generations of those who wish to live. Additionally, this plan will put to better use the collective sustainability of humanity who are caught up in the “band-aid on a scar” phase (Pokharel, 2014). Humanity must put the past behind us, and recreate the present – so that we are able to live in the future. The most costly storm that has been produced by cloud seeding in recent years was Hurricane Sandy. The monetary destruction caused by this engineered storm, alone, could have provided every farmer with irrigation tools for lifetime – as well as tools to plow their land, house their crops, and generate decades of food for the entire nation. As seen in the chart, death tolls from weather modification have drastically reduced in recent years; indicating that humanity is beginning to wake up to the reality of the murder and destruction caused by manufactured storms. However, the genocide of pollution remains. A system that was given to us, a life-sustaining planet with clear blue skies, the smell of flowers in the morning, the morning fog that waters the earth naturally – and the ability to enjoy such without the threat of sulfur dioxide emissions – is where we need to be.

The daily calculation of deaths per day that can be directly attributed to cloud seeding and other pollution methods, such as combustion energy (transportation, coal burning, etcetera included) is 19,880.

Let’s help our society to reclaim our clean air and our blue sky. It will help to stop the innocent death of asthmatics, reduce health costs and doctors’ visits, and not force them to worry about the future with self-sustaining and pollution-free methods of energy production. We were given a rich land to support life, yet – if we destroy it – we must also remember that we “make the bed today that we will lie in tonight.”

Cloud seeding and geoengineering have caused enough deaths, diseases, and famines. It’s time that we close the chapter on control, and open the chapter on one-ness. Contact me at to join me in fighting for a better present and future. Sign the petition at and contact your local legislators to say “let’s take back our skies and enjoy life again.” To regain our skies, we must realize – every day should be a “sunny” day.


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