Al Qaeda: Geoengineering Since 2004

Al Qaeda, the group that was hired, trained, and funded by the Central Intelligence Agency in the late 1980s, was plotting geoengineering attacks prior to David Keith, NASA, DARPA, and the Central Intelligence Agency’s use of the same chemical (sulfuric acid) against American citizens.

“The plot would have been more deadly than anything al Qaeda has done before, including the September 11 attacks, according to the Jordanian government.” –CNN

In 2004, Al Qaeda plotted to deploy a chemical weapon by releasing a “toxic cloud” of sulfuric acid over the population, as David Keith, Andrew Lockley, and Ken Caldeira have also plotted against American citizens.

“And there is no one combination of antidote to treat [the] nerve agent, choking agent and blistering agent,” the scientist said.

Unfortunately for Americans, this attack by domestic terrorists has already taken place.

Terrorist bunkers are located at NASA Armstrong, NASA Wallops, and Pinal Airpark; among others.

Although geoengineering has been performed from aircraft since 1923 in America, the use of sulfuric acid is a rather new terror plot for geoengineers, who obviously have an immediate need for a mental evaluation.

At least when Napoleon gassed the Haitians with sulfur dioxide, or when Hitler gassed the Jews with fluoride, it wasn’t for “global warming” or “their teeth.”

We all know better now, don’t we?

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