Americans to Military: Defend Your Country

Although America claims to be a Christian nation, with Jesus teaching to “turn the other cheek,” a wife must leave an abusing husband before she is murdered. And, I’m sure that Jesus didn’t want to watch a woman get poisoned with sulfur, aluminum, and other chemical and biological agents on a daily basis while she slowly died from cancer or organ failure, either.

There comes a time in a person’s life where they must make a choice. For the military, one usually joins due to the fact that they would like to defend their country against enemies, foreign and domestic; those who threaten the lives of American citizens and our Constitution.

However, there has been a change.

For instance, take 9/11 for example. On cable networks, we reported such travesties as “38 insurgents being killed.” In international news, for the rest of the world, the irony of terrorism was never more pure and simple. The same news story would read something like “36 men, women, and children were killed today by remote-controlled aircraft, and two employees of the Central Intelligence Agency, who were double-agents for Al Qaeda.”

The invasion of Iraq, Afghanistan, and Pakistan was nothing more than the Nazi invasion of France, Poland, and Italy. Innocent people were killed, tortured, and maimed because they were a “different religion” or a “lower breed” because they were simply from another country.

We all know the truth about the war now. There is no hiding this simple fact – it’s even in the encyclopedia. Now, we must remember: so is geoengineering (America using chemical weapons against its own citizens.

So, the question is, why won’t the military (specifically the Air Force) defend their own country from this disgusting and cruel pollution holocaust? After all, if you combine the crimes committed by one geoengineer on one day alone – the death penalty is in order.

How can a murderer get away with it on a daily basis?

Simple. How can a criminal get away with his crime? Be the only man who can prosecute it, and silence the rest with fear.

The United States Air Force bases are within walking distance of NASA Armstrong and Wallops flight facilities, two of the main locations where geoengineering is performed. I have no doubt that Air Force Global Hawk UAVs are also used in this crime against humanity, but again, that is merely speculation.

What kind of soldier uses chemical weapons on their own citizens? Well, according to the official project, they are not soldiers. They are simply UAV operators who have used the name of the Air Force and the United States Military to continue with their crime.

DARPA’s obsession with tracking devices  combined with NASA’s carbon credit scheme and the CIA’s program called “Medea” (which is, ironically enough, named after a Greek Goddess who was a child killer), have led America into shame.

Now a third-world country, trailing behind China, simply because they spend their time cashing in on American citizens’ life insurance policies in a fearmongering hoax that has led America to its near death.

Will it survive? The question is… where is the life support? There is no CPR or mouth-to-mouth once this place is finished. There is the damage that has been done, and the memory of those who did nothing to try to stop it.

“Clouds don’t kill people… people do.”

The “smart dust” obsession has got to go. Air Force, defend your country, and don’t allow illegal testing of chemical, biological, and tracking agents on American citizens, regardless of what your “superior” tells you to do. This sad and disturbing travesty can best be explained in the Sci-Fi movie “Gamer.” I’ll leave it at that.

Geoengineering is nothing more than a fly-by-droning by a group of thugs, as a drive-by-shooting is performed by the same. This type of thuggery should not be permitted in any type of civilized society, and that is exactly why you see the behavior of American citizens diminishing as the “cloud cover” increases.

“Ask, and ye shall receive.” For a “Christian nation,” this is the broken windows theory at work.


Photo: IPCC Human Population Projection Scenarios (with and without geoengineering schemes).


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