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FBI: Geoengineering Is Terrorism

During a private meeting with FBI agents in the Huntsville field office in 2015, two FBI agents concluded that geoengineering was classified as “eco-terrorism.” The same was confirmed by Secretary of Defense William S. Cohen on April 28, 1997.

Today, 60,000 people will die from geoengineering. Millions more will succumb to illness, disease, and suffering. This act of genocide by the terrorist regime of Barack Hussein Obama and other terrorist leaders in the IPCC is an act of war and treason.

We must help these individuals to understand, one way or the other, that this type of behavior is not acceptable in society. We have a place for people who choose to commit crimes – called “prison.” Within this article, there is enough information to extradite and execute all mentioned individuals, and at least, provide them with a life sentence in prison.


I am offering a $1,000 reward for any named terrorist mentioned below, and any un-named terrorist who is actively operating weaponized UAVs over the United States of America; in addition to anyone who aids and abets these terrorists:

• Marcia McNutt
• Waleed Abdalati
• Ken Caldeira
• Scott C. Doney
• Paul G. Falkowski
• James R. Fleming
• Steven P. Hamburg
• M. Granger Morgan
• Joyce E. Penner
• Raymond T. Pierrehumbert
• Philip J. Rasch
• Lynn M. Russell
• John T. Snow
• David W. Titley
• Jennifer Wilcox
• NRC Staff:
• Edward Dunlea
• Amanda Purcell
• Shelly Freeland
• Kyle Earley (alias “Jay Uzi” or “Joe Gunzliano”, license plate # K4UZI)
• Zachary Davis
• Stephen Salter
• Andrew Lockley
• David Keith
• Mick West

in addition to any drone operator who performs this activity, including organizations who have funded this attack from the Central Intelligence Agency, DARPA, NOAA, and NASA; as well as any internet troll who has aided and abetted terrorism within the United States by attempting to cover up these crimes against American citizens and the rest of the world (18 U.S. Code § 2332b).

More participants can be found at the Google Group “GEO,” including admissions of terrorist plots with IP addresses that can be obtained without a warrant.

Screenshot from 2015-08-20 21:26:09

Under the NDAA, you have the right to capture and detain these individuals, who have admittedly participated in terrorist attacks against the United States, without trial and on an indefinite basis.

It’s time that we capture some schizophrenic serial killers who think that they can “control the weather, communicate with aliens, and land on the moon in 1969 – while spraying people with battery acid and bacteria for ‘global warming.'”


This mass extinction plot, by a group of terrorists, can be foiled – just like the identical plot from Al Qaeda in 2004. This plot, if allowed to continue, will be earth’s 6th mass extinction from sulfur dioxide.

There are some people who die defending what they believe. There are some who kill for profit.

There comes a time when every person must join together in an effort of self-preservation against a common enemy. That time is now, and our enemy is present.

We all know who is who. Geoengiqueers are out of the closet.

David Keith Admits To Mass Murder

Above Pictured: David Keith, Geoengineering Poster Child and Admitted Domestic / International Terrorist. Photo Entitled “When Meth-Heads Try To Look Sexy.”

In the Google Group “GEO,” you can find many geoengineering participants, advocates, and self-proclaimed “climate scientists” who operate under the CIA’s project called “MEDEA.”

The remote-sensing project, also known as “geoengineering,” aims to not only “track and control” unwilling civilians, but to also “control the population.”

Screenshot from 2015-08-20 21:26:09

Al Qaeda, the group created and funded by the Central Intelligence Agency in Operation Cyclone, also attempted to loft clouds of sulfuric acid over the population in 2004 – which was featured on CNN.

Sulfuric acid, also known as vehicle battery acid, is a chemical terror agent that causes blistering, internal burning, and eventually – organ failure and death.

Throughout history, many religious cults have claimed “the end of the world.” The CIA’s Jonestown cult, for instance, used manipulation of the masses into slaughtering many individuals with the promise of a new tomorrow.

Should we expect any less from the admitted mass murderer, David Keith, who calculates his number of “kills” with equations? Must we forget, that the last Harvard professor involved in CIA programs was none other than Theodore Kaczynski, the Unabomber? Should David Keith, the next terrorist involved in state-sponsored terror plots, be called “the Unasprayer?”

Unfortunately, we are truly now in a 6th mass extinction – caused by sulfur dioxide. The Climate Cult leader, David Keith, doesn’t want you to “accept the Kool-Aid.” As a matter of fact, he will force it on you – one way, or the other.

Above Pictured: IPCC population projections with and without SRES, Solar Radiation Emissions Scenarios a.k.a. “spraying pollution on people for ‘global warming.'”

This disturbed individual, and all other participants who perform such cruel and disgusting, classless and manipulative operations for carbon credit schemes, are nothing more than the cult leaders of the past – now supported with our tax money.

Sociopaths are great liars. However, we would have thought that they could have came up with a better lie than “battery acid for ‘global warming.'” After all, he caused the problem. Can he be the world’s savior by solving it? Here in the real world, thinking that you can “control the weather” and “the world’s thermostat” by “killing people with chemical terror agents” is nothing more than a need for life imprisonment or the death penalty under American law, when this mental illness is acted upon by “geoengineering tests.”

This individual, by definition, has admitted to releasing chemical terror agents on the United States population, as well as admitting to murdering American citizens with these chemical terror agents. Regardless of his excuse, he is nothing more than a murderer. Anyone who supports this individual or his “geoengineering” program is nothing more than an individual who aids and abets a terrorist – and supports a serial-killing mental patient.

These are facts, this is reality. Those who refuse to accept it are nothing more than children who touch the stove after being warned. You will be burned.

No terrorist attack needs an “international ban” or any other type of law. As a matter of fact, murder has always been illegal in this country – regardless of excuse.

I’m sure that David Keith just wants to “save the planet” by “spraying it with battery acid” for “global warming” after “creating reflective aerosols that act as a magnifying glass against an ant.”

He calls it “manslaughter.” Here in the real world, he is nothing more than a schizophrenic serial killer.

Action must be taken if this is to be stopped. This is an ongoing problem with what seems to be no solution. There are some sick individuals in the world who will do anything for money. There are also individuals who will allow things to happen to others as long as they believe that they are not affected, by their own selfish motivations.

Remember the child and the stove. Freewill can be a gift or a curse – choose wisely.

David Keith is located at One Brattle Square, Cambridge, MA; and also owns the company called “Carbon Engineering” in Calgary, Canada. Admitted flight locations are NASA Armstrong, Wallops, and Pinal Airpark. Any law enforcement agent, within any state or country, can extradite David Keith if sulfuric acid or other chemical terror agents are released over their jurisdiction.

Admitted funding sources for this state-sponsored terrorist attack are: NASA, NOAA, DARPA, CIA, and Lenton and Vaughn.

Death Tolls From Weather Modification: Cloud Seeding and Geoengineering

Above pictured: David Keith (One Brattle Square, Cambridge, MA): Admitted chemical terrorist and self-proclaimed “climate scientist” in a delusion of grandeur to “control the Earth’s thermostat.”

One must ask themselves, “how serious of a problem do we have on our hands?”

With the simple knowledge that all weather is man-made, in combination with deaths caused by weather modification (weather creation) every day, in addition to the motive behind such acts of violence – we are only left to wonder how mass murder can take place on a daily basis without someone arresting those responsible.

Does America see “clouds” differently from a gun or a knife? Of course. The entire world sees clouds as a white poof-ball in the sky, waiting to unleash some form of violence onto them or their neighbors. However, when a cloud is released into the sky by a cloud seeding employee or a geoengineer – no big deal, right?

Weather is the number one killer worldwide. Every 1.3 seconds, someone will die from geoengineering and other pollutants released into the atmosphere. Every day, more than 277 people will die worldwide from other manufactured weather events; such as storms, flooding, or drought.

One might also ask themselves – “if all weather is man-made, how can there be a such thing as a drought?”

The harsh reality of human functioning is that: no water should fall from the sky. This is a rather ironic statement, considering that a man named “Noah” spent years attempting to convince people that water, could in fact, fall from the sky.

Of course – a volcanic eruption or large fire can cause just that – natural cloud seeding. The only natural source of cloud that can ever form on Earth that is not created by man. However, it also takes a human to start a fire. Therefore, we are left with volcanic eruptions as the only source of natural cloud seeding to date.

While insurance companies blame storms on an “act of God,” the belief that an invisible man in the sky is creating their weather – and that destruction is unpreventable – a small group of people laugh at their schizophrenic-like symptoms and naivety.

The reality is – weather creation could never be further from the truth. And, mass murder could never be more obvious and intentional.

It would take a fool – or the media – to blame any of their weather problems on “climate change” when all weather is man-made. It is time for cloud seeding and geoengineering participants to step up and take responsibility for their actions, and the atrocities that they have committed against American citizens, as well as other countries.

It is estimated that at any time, 1/3 of the earth is covered in clouds. Obviously, America is not the only participant in the destruction of their own place to live and the citizens who support them. There are many nations with ongoing weather projects – and the history of weather modification began long ago. In fact, it began when man first learned to use fire, then combustion engines, then steamboats. These, however, are unintentional forms of weather modification. Cloud seeding and geoengineering are intentionally and knowingly contributing to the death of mankind,  and their recent obsession with keeping the sky white instead of blue could never be more disturbing.

Back in the 1980s, we didn’t have much of a problem with cloud seeding and geoengineering. Even in the 1990s, most weather forecasts would simply say “sunny.” Our sky would be filled with a clear blue, and the air would smell fresh and clean. In fact, we could hang our clothes on the line to dry without sulfur, aluminum, and fungus falling on them for “global warming.” (Actually, the excuse now is “global cooling” – which should be a small “hint” to America that they will have a pretty bad winter this year due to geoengineering terrorists.)

So, now that we understand the reality of weather – where does crop water come from? How are crops watered without rain?

First of all, remember where wells come from. Then, remember where fog comes from. Underground. Water falling from the sky is not natural, is not beneficial, and merely creates acid rain – which destroys crops, people, and all life on planet Earth. While Texas claims to experience a “drought,” they can’t seem to form enough cloud seeding programs to bring themselves out of the desert. (I suppose that everything is bigger in Texas – except cloud seeding employees’ brain mass.)

Although cloud seeding does not kill nearly as many people as geoengineering, we cannot let one serial killer on the loose wait for his next victim. 277 people per day from cloud seeding, 60,000 from geoengineering. Which should you vote for? Hitler, or Stalin? Both are mentally-ill terrorists.

Screenshot from 2015-08-20 21:26:09

Restore the blue sky, restore peace and values in humanity. This travesty of zombie-like humans must continue no further.

All weather modification is murder. Murder is illegal. Murderers are the scum of the Earth that have always ruined it for the rest of normal people. Not to mention, ejecting white stuff where it isn’t welcome also makes them a rapist.

Nobody asked for cloud seeding. Nobody asked for geoengineering. Keep it away from normal people. If there is anyone who supports such mentally-ill behavior, they need to buy their own little island and destroy themselves with it.

Here in the real world, we call that “selective breeding.” 1 out of 4 “men” beat their spouse. It’s not hard to imagine some loser with a cloud seeding machine killing children from a safe distance anymore – now is it?

“Everybody talks about the weather, but nobody does anything about it.” -Charles Dudley Warner

It’s time to arrest anyone who intentionally releases any type of “cloud” into the atmosphere like the Napoleonic-complex ridden, psychopathic terrorists that they are.

Side note: This death toll does not include the totals from all-cause mortality due to Vitamin-D deficiencies induced by geoengineering. Also does not include accidents caused by weather modification (over 6,000 deaths per year and 480,000 injuries in America alone).

Geoengineering: The End Game

Above pictured: David Keith, admitted chemical terrorist and geoengineering poster-child, repeatedly shouting “think about what you are saying” to a woman at a geoengineering protest (David Keith works at One Brattle Square in Cambridge, MA, and also owns the company “Carbon Engineering” where his carbon credit scheme is propagated).

Most of us have seen the movie “The Matrix,” where humans are turned into a battery for energy harvesting. With the CIA’s release of two types of battery acid onto humans, we must question their motivation behind their recent obsession with the RFID program.

Ambient energy is a form of energy that can be charged by passing radio waves. The “smart dust” inside of geoengineering technology, admittedly researched by NASA, is a small particle that is injected into the atmosphere, therefore the sinuses of those below, and used as a passive RFID chip inside of the person in order to “track them.” Using sulfuric acid, or cadmium sulfide in a previous test, the Central Intelligence Agency’s strange obsession with these chemical terror agents (and spraying their own citizens with battery acid) could never be more clear.

Of course, this reflective radiation from the particulates also creates an “ant in the magnifying glass” effect, thus these mentally-ill geoengineers attempt to call it “climate change.”

No matter what their motivation is, whether it be the fantasy of a movie or a mad scientist’s dream come true, we live in the real world. Here in reality, this is a chemical terror attack, performed by a group of mental patients who have yet to be committed to an institution, attempting to cover-up their own state-sponsored terrorism.

All organizations responsible are not guilty as a whole, yet all who watch and do nothing are guilty of aiding and abetting a known terrorist as well as being an accessory to mass murder. The same applies to those who attempt to disprove geoengineering, i.e. “Internet trolls,” or those who publish articles claiming that geoengineering is to “combat global warming,” or to “save us from global cooling.” I wish them the best of luck on their disinformation campaign against the encyclopedia and physics, which states that clouds cannot form naturally on Earth.

We are not a generation of idiots, we are a logical society that can easily see that “pollution cannot combat global warming” and “murdering people to save the planet (from the problem that was caused by geoengineers in the first place) is much too ironic to fathom.”

For someone to release a cloud into the atmosphere, intentionally contributing to the number one cause of death worldwide, is an immediate cause of concern. As a matter of fact, it should be the number one concern for all law enforcement nationwide.

We are not China, the unofficial Communist country who creates a dark and depressing day of tyranny for their citizens. We are not Russia, who whips their citizens into governmental submission. We are not Cuba, whose children attempt to sail to Florida in order to find a safe and happy home. This is not a Jerry Springer show, where someone can watch us fight in some type of dramatic escapade after drugging us with sulfur dioxide (a choking agent).

This is America. We are the best, because we “act right.” At least, most of us do.

However, we do have a small group of mentally-ill terrorists who attempt to destroy life and the quality thereof for the rest of us. The problem is simple, yet seems so complex – but again, the answer to the problem is even more simple than the problem itself.

Investigate crimes, and arrest those responsible. Nothing has changed, except for the fact that we are being deceived by a group of serial killers who are claiming to save you by killing you.

I have even heard the question, “if geoengineering is so toxic, how can I breathe this in every day and not be dead yet?” A more foolish question could not be asked by an individual.

If Charles Manson is a serial killer, why hasn’t he killed you yet? Simple. Because he is in prison and in the care of a licensed professional. Unlike geoengineers.

Geoengineers need mental help. End of story. Thinking that you can “control the weather” is a symptom of schizophrenia, and better yet – the use of chemical or biological terror agents against American citizens is called “treason” – which carries the death penalty in a court of law.

We are in the midst of a 6th mass extinction. However, humans are not dead yet. Not all of them, at least. This can be stopped. We are the top of the food chain, and we will always be. Not a group of terrorists at Pinal Airpark (Evergreen Aviation) and NASA Armstrong, the two admitted geoengineering locations (although we can be certain that many more exist).

Remember that. If you see something, say something. Report illegal geoengineering to the FBI at 1-800-CALL-FBI. If you or a loved one have been injured by a geoengineer or cloud seeding operation, you have the right to sue in court in addition to self-defense against any current threat.

We are not dogs in a Pavlov experiment. We are human beings with rights. It’s time that we exercise them in order to preserve them.

Geoengineering. Because every time that a drone operator is born, a serial killer gets his wings.

EPA Hearing: Chemical Weapons Used On American Citizens

Nearly 5 years after an international ban on geoengineering, and over 20 years after President Carter banned the use of weather modification techniques in America, we are left asking the United States Government, once again, to stop using chemical weapons against American citizens.

On August 11th, 2015, activists met with the EPA to provide a legally-binding testimony to discuss the intentional release of chemical terror agents into the atmosphere from aircraft, such as sulfur dioxide, sulfuric acid, and bacterial agents.

This terrorist attack, using the euphemism “geoengineering,” is a violation of the Environmental Modification Convention, chemical terrorism laws, biological testing laws, and is even admitted as “genocide” by the IPCC.

With 40% of people dying from air pollution, one person every 1.3 seconds, we are left with one question: why does America use chemical weapons against their own citizens – knowingly and intentionally murdering their own population like a rabid dog that bites the hand that feeds?

Third world countries have a long history of using chemical weapons against their citizens. Now that America is behind China, what should we expect? Not only that, the Central Intelligence Agency, a funding source for geoengineering, has a long history of using chemical and biological weapons against Americans in projects such as Operation LAC, Operation DEW, Project 112, and Operation Ranch Hand – where soldiers were intentionally gassed with Agent Orange in order to “destroy Cuba’s crops.”

Obviously, there is a significant problem with our “intelligence” community in America; and there always has been. With an estimated 4% of the population falling into the “sociopath” category, we should have no question as to why someone would murder someone else for money. After all, isn’t the carbon credit scheme quite similar to the “men” on Forensic Files who murder their own wives for insurance money – shortly after taking out a life insurance policy on her unbeknownst soul?

Mentally ill people would poison their own family at the blink of an eye, without thinking twice. It should be no surprise that geoengineers have somehow obtained the gall to use these extremely toxic chemicals against American citizens which have now led us into the 6th mass extinction from sulfur dioxide already in progress.

Not only that, thinking that you can “control the weather” is a symptom of schizophrenia, and the desire of harm on another person requires an immediate 72-hour mental evaluation. An attempt to communicate with aliens is a symptom of a shared psychotic disorder. So, why do we allow NASA and the CIA to participate in geoengineering? The last thing that we need are a group of schizophrenics with weapons (especially biological and chemical agents).  These so-called “climate scientists” even had the audacity to pretend that they were merely plotting chemical terror attacks on the United States, not actively performing them – in hopes to deceive the public into believing that it was a “condensation trail.”

With thousands of people complaining about the health impacts, while others are simply unaware of the chemical terror attack in progress – we are only left to assume that the attack is “working” by dumbing Americans down to the point of apathy – while their own family slowly succumbs to the rat poison that is released on citizens for “global warming.”

If the EPA did their job, this program would not exist. If the FBI did their job, geoengineers would be sentenced to death. If the military did their job, our country would be defended.

With the Army Chemical Corps performing the last terrorist attack on America, Operation LAC, when their only stated job was to “protect Americans from chemical terrorism,” we are left to wonder what kind of Bizzaro World comic book has been laid out before us; what type of irony could be more fathomable than mental patients running the asylum.

Stories end up as one of two kinds: a comedy, or a tragedy. Which will America choose for their citizens?

It’s up to you. There are two admissions where aircraft originate from in America: one is NASA Armstrong, and the other is Pinal Airpark. There are 64 UAV bases in America; and while not all perform geoengineering – the simple fact remains that no drone flights above 400 feet are allowed over the lower 49 states by the FAA – and even then, this simple law has yet to be enforced.

We have one statement to our government: do your job. If you don’t want to do so – get out and stop the theft of our taxpayer money. End this chemical terror attack against your citizens, your families, your friends, and yourselves. We don’t pay the government to create wars, we pay you to defend your citizens. I don’t know where the federal government got off track – but it’s time for them to wake up and smell the treason.

Only date rapists force drug their victims, only murderers kill them afterwards. What kind of mental disorder would it take to release chemical terror agents over the population, knowingly murdering 40% of the people below?

This attack on humanity has no gone unnoticed – it has simply gone unpunished.

In all 50 states, it is a felony to abuse an animal. How has a canine become more important than a human life? Our priorities and morals seem to no longer exist in a world where daily human rights abuses, murder, and treason are the “norm.”  Those who wage war against American citizens are guilty of treason, and those who protect them are guilty of aiding and abetting a terrorist organization.

The problem is severe; yet the solution is simple. Put mental patients in an asylum, put criminals in prison, so that the rest of us do not have to live around murderers, rapists, and taxpayer thieves. Yes, it’s really that simple.

Geoengineering Is Treason: Arrest The Terrorists

Many of us have seen the movie “Gamer,” where some unfortunate mistake of a human being uses “smart dust” to track and control other human beings. Or maybe the Sci-Fi movie “Running Man” where Arnold Schwarzenegger is injected with barium sulfate as a tracer in order to imprison an innocent man into a futuristic world where only drama and irony rule.

Beyond the science fiction movies, we live in the real world where geoengineering is known as a “chemical terror attack.” As an added bonus to the genoicide of geoengineering, we have a group of terrorists who not only state that they wish to kill off billions of people – but also, to control the rest.

We also all know about the recent problems in America related to the use of GPS by stalkers; targeting their victims from a safe distance. We also know about the obvious problem of drone surveillance, making these drone operators some type of “super creep,” who’s life is dedicated to obsessively watching others when they are not killing them. After all, that’s what drones do. Stalk people, and kill them.

So now, with the Central Intelligence Agency attempting to “weaponise the weather” by releasing chemical terror agents into the atmosphere, in violation of the Environmental Modification Convention, ratified by the United States in 1980 during the CIA’s last schizophrenic episode, we can easily see that their long history of mental illness and treason has become America’s next bipolar episode of the Jerry Springer show… filled with dramatic white trash – just like our skies. After all, like breeds like.

In an Orwellian-style attempt to control the population, while American citizens are succumbing to the 2 out of 5 death toll from this intentional pollution, the Central Intelligence Agency and all other participant organizations in this illegal chemical terror scheme have officially crossed the line.

The Central Intelligence Agency should be charged with treason, along with all other organizations that have participated in or funded geoengineering, and the appropriate action should be taken against them within a military court.

The punishment for treason can result in a death penalty, and I hope that the Central Intelligence Agency and the Air Force chief is willing to face their sentence like the man that they are not.

After all, if you can’t do the time – don’t do the crime. Like a dog that bites the hand that feeds, some of them just need to be taken to the pound.

The True Purpose of Geoengineering

There are often questions surrounding the true purpose of the chemical terror attack on American citizens, otherwise known as “geoengineering.”

One of those questions is: “why are they doing this?”
Another question is “who would spray their own families with poison?”

We’ll address both questions, and provide simple answers to the most disturbing of questions.

First, we have an admission from David Keith, poster-child of geoengineering attacks and admitted serial killer, claiming to presently be releasing chemical terror agents on the United States population; although he actively denied it less than one and a half years prior in an interview on the Colbert Report – while active tests were in progress.

So, officially, David Keith has now lied three times – “it’s a condensation trail,” next “he’s spraying sulfuric acid for ‘global warming,'” and now – the best ever – his new problem with the Earth is “global cooling.”

It seems that this self-proclaimed “climate scientist” has ran out of excuses to perform chemical terror attacks against the United States, in violation of three international bans (Geneva, Nuremberg, and the Chemical Weapons Convention) in addition to dozens of federal and local laws.

Why has this “man” not been arrested for the largest terrorist attack and Ponzi scheme in history? Where is the arrest warrant and the extradition of a mass murderer?

In criminal court, it takes ample evidence to convict a criminal.

1) An admission of the guilty party.
2) Or, the testimony of two credible witnesses.

We have both.

In fact, two FBI agents at the Huntsville Alabama office have agreed that geoengineering is called “Eco-terrorism,” a crime that can potentially land a geoengineering advocate or participant in prison for life.

We all see the mentally-ill creeps on the latest episode of “Forensic Files” that kill their own families for profit. Now, let’s investigate the true purpose of David Keith’s chemical terror attack: the carbon credit scheme.

We have caught the admitted serial killer in multiple lies, we have an admission as well as a motive – and the crimes committed are punishable by death or life in prison. David Keith and his rather sad minions that refer to themselves as “geoengineers” have yet to be extradited for their crimes against humanity.

This terrorist attack by groups such as NASA, DARPA, the Central Intelligence Agency, the NOAA, Lenton and Vaughn, and others has been performed by a group of self-proclaimed “climate scientists,” whose actual jobs lie in the field of financial advisers, such as Andrew Lockley, and protecting the interests of those who aid and abet terrorist organizations by mass producing drones, such as Paul Rubino from Pennsylvania.

We all know that third-world countries in a state of disorder use chemical weapons against their own citizens. As a matter of fact, America has used sulfur to murder people since 1815.

Screenshot from 2015-08-06 17:31:42


We should understand just how serious that this problem is by an admission from the IPCC as to the true purpose of geoengineering, which is: genocide.

figure-3-1-l (2)


Personally, I could not post a public document plotting to murder one person, much less billions of people, without expecting a SWAT team at my door less than three hours later.

Why are geoengineering terrorists any different?

We need an immediate defense of our country from our police, our military, and international intervention if necessary.

Just to let the military know what our dictator’s first boss, Henry Kissinger (Obama first worked for Kissinger and Associates) thinks of them, let’s take a look and see:

“Military men are nothing but dumb, stupid animals to be used as pawns in foreign policy.”

Now, there should be no question as to why President Obama allows his own citizens, including American solders, to be gassed with chemical and biological agents. As a matter of fact, this isn’t the first time that this has happened.

There are sick people in the world. From 1 out of 4 men who beat their wife, to stalkers, rapists, murderers and thieves – we all have the few who ruin it for the rest of us. Now, thanks to geoengineering travesties – the world has met its match – and the 6th mass extinction is now in progress due to a rogue group of eco-terrorists.

Geoengineers aren’t the only mental patients who poison their own families intentionally.

If the law is not enforced, there is no law, therefore we are lawful to defend our lives against any known threat to defend the first instinctual and basic human right of every man – self preservation.

Viva la revolución.

PR: Third Geoengineering Film In Production

Activist and producer Michael J. Murphy has begun production on his third film exposing the geoengineering cover-up, entitled “An UNconventional Shade of Grey.”

With a recent poll indicating that only 8% of the population is aware of the geoengineering scheme, using methods of film production, combined with atmospheric tests and a “call-to-action” that involves a class-action lawsuit against geoengineering is sure to raise awareness in the public’s eye.

Although geoengineering and cloud seeding have long been contested in a court of law, Michael J. Murphy’s class action lawsuit hopes to be the final straw to break the terrorist’s back. With multiple films produced, and the next in progress, he needs your help to support our cause.

Watch the trailer:

We all know that geoengineers are like the annoying flies that swarm around our heads, but they seem to be too fast for the swatter to catch. In fact, much like a fly, all cloud seeding operations are labeled as a “nuisance” by the Texas Supreme Court.

If a storm is formed, a trespass is committed, that affects any man’s possessions or property, and self-defense or extradition is permissible; considering the nature of the attack.

The difference between a fly and a geoengineer, is that we don’t have a swatter – we have a military with laser-precision drones that could take out these bases without question. There is no excuse for one more cloud to be lofted over anyone – ever again. Addresses of cloud seeding bases, names, and other information is provided on this website – and we must stop these eco-terrorists – before it’s too late.

When Senator John Kerry accused President Assad of using chemical weapons against his own citizens – he had no evidence. Only hearsay. The entire nation is in uproar and civil war now, simply from one un-provable accusation.

Look up. This isn’t Syria – and we have the evidence.

If you are able to donate to Michael Murphy’s work, in order to continue production of the film, please visit his GoFundMe page and choose the “donate” button to make a contribution of your choosing.

Americans to Military: Defend Your Country

Although America claims to be a Christian nation, with Jesus teaching to “turn the other cheek,” a wife must leave an abusing husband before she is murdered. And, I’m sure that Jesus didn’t want to watch a woman get poisoned with sulfur, aluminum, and other chemical and biological agents on a daily basis while she slowly died from cancer or organ failure, either.

There comes a time in a person’s life where they must make a choice. For the military, one usually joins due to the fact that they would like to defend their country against enemies, foreign and domestic; those who threaten the lives of American citizens and our Constitution.

However, there has been a change.

For instance, take 9/11 for example. On cable networks, we reported such travesties as “38 insurgents being killed.” In international news, for the rest of the world, the irony of terrorism was never more pure and simple. The same news story would read something like “36 men, women, and children were killed today by remote-controlled aircraft, and two employees of the Central Intelligence Agency, who were double-agents for Al Qaeda.”

The invasion of Iraq, Afghanistan, and Pakistan was nothing more than the Nazi invasion of France, Poland, and Italy. Innocent people were killed, tortured, and maimed because they were a “different religion” or a “lower breed” because they were simply from another country.

We all know the truth about the war now. There is no hiding this simple fact – it’s even in the encyclopedia. Now, we must remember: so is geoengineering (America using chemical weapons against its own citizens.

So, the question is, why won’t the military (specifically the Air Force) defend their own country from this disgusting and cruel pollution holocaust? After all, if you combine the crimes committed by one geoengineer on one day alone – the death penalty is in order.

How can a murderer get away with it on a daily basis?

Simple. How can a criminal get away with his crime? Be the only man who can prosecute it, and silence the rest with fear.

The United States Air Force bases are within walking distance of NASA Armstrong and Wallops flight facilities, two of the main locations where geoengineering is performed. I have no doubt that Air Force Global Hawk UAVs are also used in this crime against humanity, but again, that is merely speculation.

What kind of soldier uses chemical weapons on their own citizens? Well, according to the official project, they are not soldiers. They are simply UAV operators who have used the name of the Air Force and the United States Military to continue with their crime.

DARPA’s obsession with tracking devices  combined with NASA’s carbon credit scheme and the CIA’s program called “Medea” (which is, ironically enough, named after a Greek Goddess who was a child killer), have led America into shame.

Now a third-world country, trailing behind China, simply because they spend their time cashing in on American citizens’ life insurance policies in a fearmongering hoax that has led America to its near death.

Will it survive? The question is… where is the life support? There is no CPR or mouth-to-mouth once this place is finished. There is the damage that has been done, and the memory of those who did nothing to try to stop it.

“Clouds don’t kill people… people do.”

The “smart dust” obsession has got to go. Air Force, defend your country, and don’t allow illegal testing of chemical, biological, and tracking agents on American citizens, regardless of what your “superior” tells you to do. This sad and disturbing travesty can best be explained in the Sci-Fi movie “Gamer.” I’ll leave it at that.

Geoengineering is nothing more than a fly-by-droning by a group of thugs, as a drive-by-shooting is performed by the same. This type of thuggery should not be permitted in any type of civilized society, and that is exactly why you see the behavior of American citizens diminishing as the “cloud cover” increases.

“Ask, and ye shall receive.” For a “Christian nation,” this is the broken windows theory at work.


Photo: IPCC Human Population Projection Scenarios (with and without geoengineering schemes).


As Tornadoes Cause Deaths, Cloud Seeders Claim Success

On Wednesday, as 2 victims were found dead, and nearly a dozen injured, SOAR (Seeding Operations and Atmospheric Research) claimed “success” on their mission.

Over Young, Throckmorton, Baylor, and Archer county, as part of Texas Weather Modification’s ongoing cloud seeding efforts (which have taken place since 1891, creating “tornado alley”) fired 16 silver iodide flares into passing clouds from aircraft.

Although not the same as geoengineering, which is a form of creating an original cloud to begin the aircraft seeding process, silver iodide flares are used to produce rain and/or storms from clouds that are already present in the atmosphere, from ground-seeding, geoengineering aircraft, or ship-based locations (cloud reflectivity modification or “ship tracks“).

The tornadoes created by this group annually have led to the deaths of thousands, the displacement and inconvenience of millions, and unspeakable property destruction through “tornado alley.”

Using geoengineering-manufactured clouds as a scheme to “seed clouds with rain-producing materials to combat drought” merely results in acid rain, caused by sulfur dioxide (the main ingredient used in geoengineering), which is rather ironic when considering the fact that aerosols are used to dry out the land in the first place (see: fog dissemination); as fog used to once water the earth.

As there is no such thing as a natural cloud, fog dissemination a.k.a geoengineering, or chemical terrorism, and the processes of cloud seeding work together as part of a worldwide carbon credit scheme, cashing in on people’s lives and property.


SOAR officials, Texas Weather Modification employees, Texas Department of Licensing and Regulation employees, as well as geoengineering operators and researchers can be prosecuted under cloud seeding laws, and can be extradited for criminal prosecution under present law.

As of now, 2 deaths and numerous injuries have been reported. Cloud seeding operations continue, leaving the death toll to this ongoing mass-murder up to authorities who have the ability to stop it.

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