Dispelling the Contrail Myth

Aside from the fact that geoengineering is a current program in testing phase, we still have a few non-believers in chemical terrorism, who simply label the trails in the sky as “contrails,” or “condensation trails.”

Unfortunately, those folks must take a step towards reality before we are able to face it head on. There is no such thing as a “condensation trail” of water that emits from a jet engine. If water is coming from any combustion engine, of any kind, whether vehicle or aircraft, the engine would not be in operation.

Why? Because combustion engines rely on combustion, which is burning – and water does just the opposite.

In fact, within most planes, kerosene is used as jet fuel. If water is added to this fuel, the combustion engine will not operate. Now that we have dispelled the “contrail” myth, let us dig deeper into what aircraft emissions actually consist of:

An exhaust system is usually piping used to guide reaction exhaust gases away from a controlled combustion inside an engine … [and] must be carefully designed to carry toxic and/or noxious gases away from the users of the machine.” -Wikipedia, Exhaust System

We have two types of geoengineering:

1) Intentional geoengineering with installed manifests.


2) Unintentional or “contracted” geoengineering, fuel additives that contain chemicals

JP-8 is formulated with icing inhibitorcorrosion inhibitorslubricants, and antistatic agents, and less benzene (a carcinogen) and less nhexane (a neurotoxin) than JP-4. However, it also smells stronger than JP-4. JP-8 has an oily feel to the touch, while JP-4 feels more like a solvent.” -Wikipedia, JP-8

So, we have officially dispelled the “contrail” myth with a simple scientific understanding of an exhaust system. It is a well-known fact that condensation trails can only form at an altitude above 50,000 feet. However, using this simple analogy of “water from combustion engines is ignorant” might help us ward off a few trolls in the future.

One other argument that a person might portray, is that air consists of oxygen – and fuel within aircraft contain hydrogen. When combining hydrogen emissions plus oxygen, you may see a condensation trail form from the aircraft.

However, the amount of oxygen at 50,000 feet is not enough to produce a condensation trail. In addition, Hydrogen is no longer used in aircraft fuel.

At 50000ft, the standard barometric pressure is13 kPa (99 mmHg). This means that there is 13% of the oxygen available at sea level.


The simple fact is, according to science, any trail left behind any aircraft – is a chemical. Regardless of length, persistence, or excuse – it is a chemical – and the FAA should be contacted immediately to report a “smoking aircraft.”

Geoengineering is illegal. The “global warming” scheme has failed. We all know better, by now. It would take a truly insane and delusional human being, an extremely sociopathic and demented individual, a “mad scientist” or “serial killer,” if you will, to ever promote “spraying pollution to combat ‘global warming.'”

Now, again, we all know better. Time to do something about it.

For a list of official tests that have been performed within recent years, see Wikipedia “Climate Engineering.”

Multiple firms, including the Central Intelligence Agency and NASA, have participated in chemical terrorism tests on the public population. For more information into previous tests, see “chaff (countermeasure).”

Regardless of what chemical is in the sky, geoengineering is an intentional addition of chemicals to the atmosphere, to the public’s air supply, and to our breathing space. As in the 1950 Supreme Court Case “Southwest Weather Research, Inc. v. Duncan,” no cloud seeding activities are allowed to take place over the unconsenting population. Doing so is a trespass, and cloud seeding is, according to federal law, a “nuisance” in 48 out of 50 states.

See: http://scholarship.law.duke.edu/dlj/vol9/iss2/11/ (Download PDF)

The problem that we are now facing is “global dimming,” and extreme health issues from the exhaust produced by aircraft, which use chemicals other than simple jet fuel, and especially from geoengineering and cloud seeding – the intentional and deliberate addition of chemicals to our air supply.

See: http://www.bbc.co.uk/sn/tvradio/programmes/horizon/dimming_trans.shtml

These “tests” are nothing new. In fact, the first successful aircraft cloud seeding experiment was performed in 1923. Ground cloud seeding experiments have taken place since last century. For anyone to deny this, or simply state that what you are seeing is “condensation,” is nothing more than the denial phase of their own demise.

“Facts are facts, independent of any consciousness. No amount of passionate wishing, desperate longing or hopeful pleading can alter the facts. Nor will ignoring or evading the facts erase them: the facts remain, immutable.” -Ayn Rand

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