David Keith Admits To Mass Murder

Above Pictured: David Keith, Geoengineering Poster Child and Admitted Domestic / International Terrorist. Photo Entitled “When Meth-Heads Try To Look Sexy.”

In the Google Group “GEO,” you can find many geoengineering participants, advocates, and self-proclaimed “climate scientists” who operate under the CIA’s project called “MEDEA.”

The remote-sensing project, also known as “geoengineering,” aims to not only “track and control” unwilling civilians, but to also “control the population.”

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Al Qaeda, the group created and funded by the Central Intelligence Agency in Operation Cyclone, also attempted to loft clouds of sulfuric acid over the population in 2004 – which was featured on CNN.

Sulfuric acid, also known as vehicle battery acid, is a chemical terror agent that causes blistering, internal burning, and eventually – organ failure and death.

Throughout history, many religious cults have claimed “the end of the world.” The CIA’s Jonestown cult, for instance, used manipulation of the masses into slaughtering many individuals with the promise of a new tomorrow.

Should we expect any less from the admitted mass murderer, David Keith, who calculates his number of “kills” with equations? Must we forget, that the last Harvard professor involved in CIA programs was none other than Theodore Kaczynski, the Unabomber? Should David Keith, the next terrorist involved in state-sponsored terror plots, be called “the Unasprayer?”

Unfortunately, we are truly now in a 6th mass extinction – caused by sulfur dioxide. The Climate Cult leader, David Keith, doesn’t want you to “accept the Kool-Aid.” As a matter of fact, he will force it on you – one way, or the other.

Above Pictured: IPCC population projections with and without SRES, Solar Radiation Emissions Scenarios a.k.a. “spraying pollution on people for ‘global warming.'”

This disturbed individual, and all other participants who perform such cruel and disgusting, classless and manipulative operations for carbon credit schemes, are nothing more than the cult leaders of the past – now supported with our tax money.

Sociopaths are great liars. However, we would have thought that they could have came up with a better lie than “battery acid for ‘global warming.'” After all, he caused the problem. Can he be the world’s savior by solving it? Here in the real world, thinking that you can “control the weather” and “the world’s thermostat” by “killing people with chemical terror agents” is nothing more than a need for life imprisonment or the death penalty under American law, when this mental illness is acted upon by “geoengineering tests.”

This individual, by definition, has admitted to releasing chemical terror agents on the United States population, as well as admitting to murdering American citizens with these chemical terror agents. Regardless of his excuse, he is nothing more than a murderer. Anyone who supports this individual or his “geoengineering” program is nothing more than an individual who aids and abets a terrorist – and supports a serial-killing mental patient.

These are facts, this is reality. Those who refuse to accept it are nothing more than children who touch the stove after being warned. You will be burned.

No terrorist attack needs an “international ban” or any other type of law. As a matter of fact, murder has always been illegal in this country – regardless of excuse.

I’m sure that David Keith just wants to “save the planet” by “spraying it with battery acid” for “global warming” after “creating reflective aerosols that act as a magnifying glass against an ant.”

He calls it “manslaughter.” Here in the real world, he is nothing more than a schizophrenic serial killer.

Action must be taken if this is to be stopped. This is an ongoing problem with what seems to be no solution. There are some sick individuals in the world who will do anything for money. There are also individuals who will allow things to happen to others as long as they believe that they are not affected, by their own selfish motivations.

Remember the child and the stove. Freewill can be a gift or a curse – choose wisely.

David Keith is located at One Brattle Square, Cambridge, MA; and also owns the company called “Carbon Engineering” in Calgary, Canada. Admitted flight locations are NASA Armstrong, Wallops, and Pinal Airpark. Any law enforcement agent, within any state or country, can extradite David Keith if sulfuric acid or other chemical terror agents are released over their jurisdiction.

Admitted funding sources for this state-sponsored terrorist attack are: NASA, NOAA, DARPA, CIA, and Lenton and Vaughn.

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