Death Tolls From Weather Modification: Cloud Seeding and Geoengineering

Above pictured: David Keith (One Brattle Square, Cambridge, MA): Admitted chemical terrorist and self-proclaimed “climate scientist” in a delusion of grandeur to “control the Earth’s thermostat.”

One must ask themselves, “how serious of a problem do we have on our hands?”

With the simple knowledge that all weather is man-made, in combination with deaths caused by weather modification (weather creation) every day, in addition to the motive behind such acts of violence – we are only left to wonder how mass murder can take place on a daily basis without someone arresting those responsible.

Does America see “clouds” differently from a gun or a knife? Of course. The entire world sees clouds as a white poof-ball in the sky, waiting to unleash some form of violence onto them or their neighbors. However, when a cloud is released into the sky by a cloud seeding employee or a geoengineer – no big deal, right?

Weather is the number one killer worldwide. Every 1.3 seconds, someone will die from geoengineering and other pollutants released into the atmosphere. Every day, more than 277 people will die worldwide from other manufactured weather events; such as storms, flooding, or drought.

One might also ask themselves – “if all weather is man-made, how can there be a such thing as a drought?”

The harsh reality of human functioning is that: no water should fall from the sky. This is a rather ironic statement, considering that a man named “Noah” spent years attempting to convince people that water, could in fact, fall from the sky.

Of course – a volcanic eruption or large fire can cause just that – natural cloud seeding. The only natural source of cloud that can ever form on Earth that is not created by man. However, it also takes a human to start a fire. Therefore, we are left with volcanic eruptions as the only source of natural cloud seeding to date.

While insurance companies blame storms on an “act of God,” the belief that an invisible man in the sky is creating their weather – and that destruction is unpreventable – a small group of people laugh at their schizophrenic-like symptoms and naivety.

The reality is – weather creation could never be further from the truth. And, mass murder could never be more obvious and intentional.

It would take a fool – or the media – to blame any of their weather problems on “climate change” when all weather is man-made. It is time for cloud seeding and geoengineering participants to step up and take responsibility for their actions, and the atrocities that they have committed against American citizens, as well as other countries.

It is estimated that at any time, 1/3 of the earth is covered in clouds. Obviously, America is not the only participant in the destruction of their own place to live and the citizens who support them. There are many nations with ongoing weather projects Рand the history of weather modification began long ago. In fact, it began when man first learned to use fire, then combustion engines, then steamboats. These, however, are unintentional forms of weather modification. Cloud seeding and geoengineering are intentionally and knowingly contributing to the death of mankind,  and their recent obsession with keeping the sky white instead of blue could never be more disturbing.

Back in the 1980s, we didn’t have much of a problem with cloud seeding and geoengineering. Even in the 1990s, most weather forecasts would simply say “sunny.” Our sky would be filled with a clear blue, and the air would smell fresh and clean. In fact, we could hang our clothes on the line to dry without sulfur, aluminum, and fungus falling on them for “global warming.” (Actually, the excuse now is “global cooling” – which should be a small “hint” to America that they will have a pretty bad winter this year due to geoengineering terrorists.)

So, now that we understand the reality of weather – where does crop water come from? How are crops watered without rain?

First of all, remember where wells come from. Then, remember where fog comes from. Underground. Water falling from the sky is not natural, is not beneficial, and merely creates acid rain – which destroys crops, people, and all life on planet Earth. While Texas claims to experience a “drought,” they can’t seem to form enough cloud seeding programs to bring themselves out of the desert. (I suppose that everything is bigger in Texas – except cloud seeding employees’ brain mass.)

Although cloud seeding does not kill nearly as many people as geoengineering, we cannot let one serial killer on the loose wait for his next victim. 277 people per day from cloud seeding, 60,000 from geoengineering. Which should you vote for? Hitler, or Stalin? Both are mentally-ill terrorists.

Screenshot from 2015-08-20 21:26:09

Restore the blue sky, restore peace and values in humanity. This travesty of zombie-like humans must continue no further.

All weather modification is murder. Murder is illegal. Murderers are the scum of the Earth that have always ruined it for the rest of normal people. Not to mention, ejecting white stuff where it isn’t welcome also makes them a rapist.

Nobody asked for cloud seeding. Nobody asked for geoengineering. Keep it away from normal people. If there is anyone who supports such mentally-ill behavior, they need to buy their own little island and destroy themselves with it.

Here in the real world, we call that “selective breeding.” 1 out of 4 “men” beat their spouse. It’s not hard to imagine some loser with a cloud seeding machine killing children from a safe distance anymore – now is it?

“Everybody talks about the weather, but nobody does anything about it.” -Charles Dudley Warner

It’s time to arrest anyone who intentionally releases any type of “cloud” into the atmosphere like the Napoleonic-complex ridden, psychopathic terrorists that they are.

Side note: This death toll does not include the totals from all-cause mortality due to Vitamin-D deficiencies induced by geoengineering. Also does not include accidents caused by weather modification (over 6,000 deaths per year and 480,000 injuries in America alone).

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