FBI: Geoengineering Is Terrorism

During a private meeting with FBI agents in the Huntsville field office in 2015, two FBI agents concluded that geoengineering was classified as “eco-terrorism.” The same was confirmed by Secretary of Defense William S. Cohen on April 28, 1997.

Today, 60,000 people will die from geoengineering. Millions more will succumb to illness, disease, and suffering. This act of genocide by the terrorist regime of Barack Hussein Obama and other terrorist leaders in the IPCC is an act of war and treason.

We must help these individuals to understand, one way or the other, that this type of behavior is not acceptable in society. We have a place for people who choose to commit crimes – called “prison.” Within this article, there is enough information to extradite and execute all mentioned individuals, and at least, provide them with a life sentence in prison.


I am offering a $1,000 reward for any named terrorist mentioned below, and any un-named terrorist who is actively operating weaponized UAVs over the United States of America; in addition to anyone who aids and abets these terrorists:

• Marcia McNutt
• Waleed Abdalati
• Ken Caldeira
• Scott C. Doney
• Paul G. Falkowski
• James R. Fleming
• Steven P. Hamburg
• M. Granger Morgan
• Joyce E. Penner
• Raymond T. Pierrehumbert
• Philip J. Rasch
• Lynn M. Russell
• John T. Snow
• David W. Titley
• Jennifer Wilcox
• NRC Staff:
• Edward Dunlea
• Amanda Purcell
• Shelly Freeland
• Kyle Earley (alias “Jay Uzi” or “Joe Gunzliano”, license plate # K4UZI)
• Zachary Davis
• Stephen Salter
• Andrew Lockley
• David Keith
• Mick West

in addition to any drone operator who performs this activity, including organizations who have funded this attack from the Central Intelligence Agency, DARPA, NOAA, and NASA; as well as any internet troll who has aided and abetted terrorism within the United States by attempting to cover up these crimes against American citizens and the rest of the world (18 U.S. Code § 2332b).

More participants can be found at the Google Group “GEO,” including admissions of terrorist plots with IP addresses that can be obtained without a warrant.

Screenshot from 2015-08-20 21:26:09

Under the NDAA, you have the right to capture and detain these individuals, who have admittedly participated in terrorist attacks against the United States, without trial and on an indefinite basis.

It’s time that we capture some schizophrenic serial killers who think that they can “control the weather, communicate with aliens, and land on the moon in 1969 – while spraying people with battery acid and bacteria for ‘global warming.'”


This mass extinction plot, by a group of terrorists, can be foiled – just like the identical plot from Al Qaeda in 2004. This plot, if allowed to continue, will be earth’s 6th mass extinction from sulfur dioxide.

There are some people who die defending what they believe. There are some who kill for profit.

There comes a time when every person must join together in an effort of self-preservation against a common enemy. That time is now, and our enemy is present.

We all know who is who. Geoengiqueers are out of the closet.

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