Geoengineering: The End Game

Above pictured: David Keith, admitted chemical terrorist and geoengineering poster-child, repeatedly shouting “think about what you are saying” to a woman at a geoengineering protest (David Keith works at One Brattle Square in Cambridge, MA, and also owns the company “Carbon Engineering” where his carbon credit scheme is propagated).

Most of us have seen the movie “The Matrix,” where humans are turned into a battery for energy harvesting. With the CIA’s release of two types of battery acid onto humans, we must question their motivation behind their recent obsession with the RFID program.

Ambient energy is a form of energy that can be charged by passing radio waves. The “smart dust” inside of geoengineering technology, admittedly researched by NASA, is a small particle that is injected into the atmosphere, therefore the sinuses of those below, and used as a passive RFID chip inside of the person in order to “track them.” Using sulfuric acid, or cadmium sulfide in a previous test, the Central Intelligence Agency’s strange obsession with these chemical terror agents (and spraying their own citizens with battery acid) could never be more clear.

Of course, this reflective radiation from the particulates also creates an “ant in the magnifying glass” effect, thus these mentally-ill geoengineers attempt to call it “climate change.”

No matter what their motivation is, whether it be the fantasy of a movie or a mad scientist’s dream come true, we live in the real world. Here in reality, this is a chemical terror attack, performed by a group of mental patients who have yet to be committed to an institution, attempting to cover-up their own state-sponsored terrorism.

All organizations responsible are not guilty as a whole, yet all who watch and do nothing are guilty of aiding and abetting a known terrorist as well as being an accessory to mass murder. The same applies to those who attempt to disprove geoengineering, i.e. “Internet trolls,” or those who publish articles claiming that geoengineering is to “combat global warming,” or to “save us from global cooling.” I wish them the best of luck on their disinformation campaign against the encyclopedia and physics, which states that clouds cannot form naturally on Earth.

We are not a generation of idiots, we are a logical society that can easily see that “pollution cannot combat global warming” and “murdering people to save the planet (from the problem that was caused by geoengineers in the first place) is much too ironic to fathom.”

For someone to release a cloud into the atmosphere, intentionally contributing to the number one cause of death worldwide, is an immediate cause of concern. As a matter of fact, it should be the number one concern for all law enforcement nationwide.

We are not China, the unofficial Communist country who creates a dark and depressing day of tyranny for their citizens. We are not Russia, who whips their citizens into governmental submission. We are not Cuba, whose children attempt to sail to Florida in order to find a safe and happy home. This is not a Jerry Springer show, where someone can watch us fight in some type of dramatic escapade after drugging us with sulfur dioxide (a choking agent).

This is America. We are the best, because we “act right.” At least, most of us do.

However, we do have a small group of mentally-ill terrorists who attempt to destroy life and the quality thereof for the rest of us. The problem is simple, yet seems so complex – but again, the answer to the problem is even more simple than the problem itself.

Investigate crimes, and arrest those responsible. Nothing has changed, except for the fact that we are being deceived by a group of serial killers who are claiming to save you by killing you.

I have even heard the question, “if geoengineering is so toxic, how can I breathe this in every day and not be dead yet?” A more foolish question could not be asked by an individual.

If Charles Manson is a serial killer, why hasn’t he killed you yet? Simple. Because he is in prison and in the care of a licensed professional. Unlike geoengineers.

Geoengineers need mental help. End of story. Thinking that you can “control the weather” is a symptom of schizophrenia, and better yet – the use of chemical or biological terror agents against American citizens is called “treason” – which carries the death penalty in a court of law.

We are in the midst of a 6th mass extinction. However, humans are not dead yet. Not all of them, at least. This can be stopped. We are the top of the food chain, and we will always be. Not a group of terrorists at Pinal Airpark (Evergreen Aviation) and NASA Armstrong, the two admitted geoengineering locations (although we can be certain that many more exist).

Remember that. If you see something, say something. Report illegal geoengineering to the FBI at 1-800-CALL-FBI. If you or a loved one have been injured by a geoengineer or cloud seeding operation, you have the right to sue in court in addition to self-defense against any current threat.

We are not dogs in a Pavlov experiment. We are human beings with rights. It’s time that we exercise them in order to preserve them.

Geoengineering. Because every time that a drone operator is born, a serial killer gets his wings.

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