Geoengineering: The Main Location

In 2010, during my 3rd lawsuit against geoengineering, I had a conversation with a climate scientist at NASA. I asked him directly, where geoengineering was performed from. He said “we do it at AMES, it’s east of LA – Dryden.”

Screenshot from 2014-09-02 02:22:33

In this image, I note three locations:

1) NASA Ames.
2) Carnegie
3) Moffet Airfield.

There are also additional locations of chemical terrorism flights and loading, but this is – according to the “scientist” at NASA, the main research and operation location.

So, where do the planes take off from? UAVs, otherwise known as “unmanned aerial vehicles,” are remotely-operated. Moffet Airfield isn’t near big enough to store this many drones.

Screenshot from 2014-09-02 02:38:51
NASA Aircraft, Moffet Federal Airfield, CA.

Screenshot from 2014-09-02 02:41:42
NASA Armstrong Flight Research Center, CA. (Formerly Dryden)

Screenshot from 2014-09-02 02:44:07
NASA Wallops Flight Research Center, Wallops Island, VA.

See also:


Additional testing, performed by the CIA, has been operated by Pinal Airpark in Marana, AZ.

Marana became the headquarters of all Central Intelligence Agency air operations during the Vietnam War years, when it was the primary facility of Intermountain Airlines, a wholly owned CIA “front” company which was used to supply covert operations in Southeast Asia & elsewhere. Intermountain was infamous for its thinly veiled CIA special ops which included development & use of the Fulton Skyhook, but its cover was its non-scheduled freight & maintenance operations. Marana was the principal continental United States maintenance base for Southeast Asia CIA operations including Air America and Continental Air Services.



Wikipedia, Pinal Airpark (

It really shouldn’t be that hard to catch a terrorist when they have a name and address. Then again, we know how the CIA did with Osama bin Laden for a decade. CNN found him for an interview in 2001, but they couldn’t manage to find him with drones, tanks, and a hundred-thousand soldiers. Then again, terrorists can’t catch terrorists. That’s the moral of the story.

As with the CIA gassing their own soldiers with Agent Orange in Vietnam, as with the illegal Cadmium Sulfide experiments in St. Louis, this “geoengineering” experiment should not surprise anyone in the least.

More UAV locations available at:

Note: Not all UAV locations listed participate in geoengineering. The main three locations are NASA Armstrong, NASA Wallops, and Pinal Airpark.

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