Geoengineering: Serial Killing, Mass Murder, or Genocide?

Featured photo (above): David Keith, plotted to murder 10,000 people with chemical terror agents on National television (2013). Stated that no operations were active on Television, stated otherwise on his website (active murder in progress, 3 specific “tests”).

Mass murder (in military contexts, sometimes interchangeable with “mass destruction”) is the act of murdering many people, typically simultaneously or over a relatively short period of time.

As with the Joplin Missouri tornado, 162 people were slaughtered in one day – and a town almost completely destroyed.

The FBI defines mass murder as murdering four or more persons during an event with no “cooling-off period” between the murders. A mass murder typically occurs in a single location where one or more people kill several others.

The following week, the 2011 tornado outbreak took the lives of hundreds of citizens across the country.

Many acts of mass murder end with the perpetrator(s) dying by suicide or suicide by cop.

The climate cult of geoengineering must be one of the most mentally-ill cults that a person could ever imagine. I will quote David Keith, lead “climate scientist” from Harvard University:

“The cost is so little that the richest people on the planet could afford to buy an ice age.”

In other words, this man doesn’t mind to repay humanity for his wedgies in high school or his daily traffic jams. He sees humans as a sociopath sees humans – as an admitted serial killer, like himself, sees humans. For a sociopath, their own death is worth the ending of your life. For a serial killer or mass murderer, they want to take as many possible down with them before they get caught. Or, should I say, “if” they get caught.

A mass murder may be committed by individuals or organizations whereas a spree killing is committed by one or two individuals. Mass murderers differ from spree killers, who kill at two or more locations with almost no time break between murders and are not defined by the number of victims, and serial killers, who may kill people over long periods of time. Mass murder is the hypernym of genocide, which requires additional criteria.

In addition to cloud seeding, the intentional creation of storms and the all-cause mortality blocking of Vitamin D from natural sunlight (and chronic infections introduced by bioprecipitation), geoengineering meets the criteria for “genocide.”

40% of people die from air, water, and soil pollution. Guess who the largest emitter of pollution is?

Mass murder may also be defined as the intentional and indiscriminate murder of a large number of people by government agents; for example, shooting unarmed protestors, lobbing grenades into prison cells, and randomly executing civilians. The largest mass killings in history have been governmental attempts to exterminate entire groups or communities of people, often on the basis of ethnicity or religion. Some of these mass murders have been found to be genocides and others to be crimes against humanity, but often such crimes have led to few or no convictions of any type.

What a surprise.

No conviction or arrest for mass murderers. Only a “ban” on geoengineering. You might as well tell a crazy person to stop being crazy, or a toddler to not touch the stove.

The 2010 United Nations ban on geoengineering told serial killers and mass murderers to stop killing people. Do we see how that turned out for them? Obviously, 4 years later, we understand.

There is no “investigation” that needs to be performed. This is all documented fact.

When someone plots to kill someone, or actually does it – they need to be in prison. We have let these mental patients of the climate cult, these mad scientists that have stolen billions in taxpayer money, trick everyone into a carbon credit scam, the Climategate fraud, and a “global warming” hoax that was intentionally created by weather modification in the first place.

So, what’s the story, morning glory? Another day of dark gloom? I would expect nothing less, unfortunately, at this point in time.

Source: Wikipedia, Mass Murder

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