Geoengineering Is Treason: Arrest The Terrorists

Many of us have seen the movie “Gamer,” where some unfortunate mistake of a human being uses “smart dust” to track and control other human beings. Or maybe the Sci-Fi movie “Running Man” where Arnold Schwarzenegger is injected with barium sulfate as a tracer in order to imprison an innocent man into a futuristic world where only drama and irony rule.

Beyond the science fiction movies, we live in the real world where geoengineering is known as a “chemical terror attack.” As an added bonus to the genoicide of geoengineering, we have a group of terrorists who not only state that they wish to kill off billions of people – but also, to control the rest.

We also all know about the recent problems in America related to the use of GPS by stalkers; targeting their victims from a safe distance. We also know about the obvious problem of drone surveillance, making these drone operators some type of “super creep,” who’s life is dedicated to obsessively watching others when they are not killing them. After all, that’s what drones do. Stalk people, and kill them.

So now, with the Central Intelligence Agency attempting to “weaponise the weather” by releasing chemical terror agents into the atmosphere, in violation of the Environmental Modification Convention, ratified by the United States in 1980 during the CIA’s last schizophrenic episode, we can easily see that their long history of mental illness and treason has become America’s next bipolar episode of the Jerry Springer show… filled with dramatic white trash – just like our skies. After all, like breeds like.

In an Orwellian-style attempt to control the population, while American citizens are succumbing to the 2 out of 5 death toll from this intentional pollution, the Central Intelligence Agency and all other participant organizations in this illegal chemical terror scheme have officially crossed the line.

The Central Intelligence Agency should be charged with treason, along with all other organizations that have participated in or funded geoengineering, and the appropriate action should be taken against them within a military court.

The punishment for treason can result in a death penalty, and I hope that the Central Intelligence Agency and the Air Force chief is willing to face their sentence like the man that they are not.

After all, if you can’t do the time – don’t do the crime. Like a dog that bites the hand that feeds, some of them just need to be taken to the pound.

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