Manufactured Tornadoes May 21-26 2011

The manufactured storms of May 21-26 of 2011 left behind a trail of destruction and death, following the massive cloud seeding that was underway by 3-5 states, including Texas Weather Modification, who is licensed by the Texas Department of Licensing and Regulation to ground-seed clouds on a regular basis.


Not only did the cloud seeding not cease after the first tornado, it became more aggressive.

Without a doubt, the employees within the cloud seeding facility knew that one tornado had been created in Joplin Missouri, the deadliest tornado since 1958, and continued to seed clouds for the next week straight.

162 people died from the Joplin Missouri tornado alone, not including those who died from zygomyces infections via bioprecipitation. Billions of dollars would be needed to rebuild the towns affected by the tornadoes, and there unfortunately is no replacement for the lives Рand no justice for the guilty.

As storms rolled into Alabama in 2010, I listened to the weather man say “the clouds are coming in all the way from Jackson, Mississippi.”

Here is what they didn’t tell us on the news that day:

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