Morgellons Disease: The Geoengineering Epidemic


For years, some doctors labeled the infection of Agrobacterium Tumefaciens, now known as Rhizobium Radiobacter, as “delusional parasitosis” – adding insult to injury for the affected victims. Now, we know the victims to be victims of quackery doctors – in addition to Morgellons disease (

The original patent of the Morgellons-causing agent, Agrobacterium Tumefaciens transformation method, was patented by Monsanto. Monsanto is an organization that is known by many, and hated by most. Although Agrobacterium Tumefaciens is a natural soil bacteria, it is a transformed product of Monsanto (

Agrobacterium Tumefaciens is also known as “crown gall disease” within plants ( Agrobacterium Tumefaciens, a gram-negative soil bacteria, is pathogenic to both humans and plants. By dispersing this patented “transformation method” bacteria over the soil, organic plants, such as soybeans, cannot grow. However, if the plants are grown with Monsanto’s patented seed, which is resistant to the bacteria, the plant can still grow.

Can anyone say “food monopoly?” Let’s clarify the situation a bit further:

Monsanto’s seed monopoly has unfortunately caused nearly all organic seeds to become extinct – and little to the knowledge of the American public. GMO seeds do not yet have to be labeled in most states – leaving Americans to assume that they are growing “natural” farmed food. Unfortunately, this is not the case. In fact, over 90% of seeds are now extinct, thanks to Monsanto (

Not only this, our bee population has seen a drastic increase recently. With many bee farmers wondering why their bees are dying or flying away from their nests, in addition to the obvious lack of pollination within many of our plants, numerous documentaries and inquiries have been created into the recent bee scare.

Now, we know none other than our lovely Monsanto, to be our culprit: (

So, how could this gram-negative soil bacteria be spread over the population without their knowledge or consent? This constitutes biological terrorism, and is illegal. However, bioprecipitation, the concept of “rain-making bacteria,” uses gram-negative soil bacteria to produce rain. And, it is used in cloud seeding (

This is a very disturbing organization, as is cloud seeding a disturbing action. Who would be this classless and disgusting to create a disease that has now affected nearly every single American in some form or fashion? Why are over 14,000 families still suffering from this disease?

Leave it to our “friends” at Monsanto. Creating destruction of our environment since 1901.

Let’s “connect the dots” between geoengineering and Morgellons. Bill Gates funds geoengineering ( in addition to the Rockefeller Institute (

Both have also funded Monsanto (,

Both Rockefeller and Gates also have a “Doomsday Seed Vault” stored in the Arctic (

This seems more like a greedy doomsday insanity cult – than just a simple global food monopoly. With Bill Gates’ vaccination programs and his production of the buggy Windows operating system, I do not trust him with my global food supply. With Rockfeller’s history of promoting “population stabilization,” neither do I trust him with my food supply. Monsanto should chalk it up as a loss – because nobody trusts them – and nobody wants their disgusting pesticide-laced food.

Eating from Monsanto’s Round-up laced meal without our knowledge is like a date rapist slipping in a little bit of Round-up in our drink. Unfortunately, for over 90% of our food – it is no further from the truth. And with Morgellons disease added to their list of “accomplishments” – there is little left to the imagination as to what this company accomplishes for society in general.

We can do an “ice bucket challenge” for 6,000 ALS patients per year. Who’s going to do it for the Morgellons’ victims Awareness has been raised about Morgellons. Most people have been well-aware of this fact since 2010. However, nothing has been done about it. And, that is exactly the problem.

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