The Pollution Holocaust: Chemical Terrorism With Sulfur Dioxide


As far back as Napoleon, sulfur dioxide has been used for genocide. In fact, Napoleon gassed many slaves within the hulls of ships with sulfur dioxide – leading to the slaughter of over 100,000 Caribbean slaves (Haitians).


With as many as 40% of people dying from air pollution, this should be a cause of concern for every single human. No matter who you are – everyone will be affected by air pollution – sometime within their lifetime. When 2 out of 5 people presently die from air pollution, the reality is – at least one of every person’s family members will succumb to the negative effects of pollution.


In America, we have enough funds, enough technology, and enough resources to end every single particulate of pollution in our nation. We even have an organization designed to ensure that this happens, called the “Environmental Protection Agency.” Why do over 200,000 Americans die from air pollution yearly? Worldwide, the number is well over 7 million.


Automobiles, planes, trains, and other combustion engines produce a large portion of pollution. Energy production with combustion methods produce even more. However, the number one cause of pollution is: you guessed it – geoengineering.


The intentional addition of atmospheric pollutants to the air, especially with sulfur dioxide, is obviously an act of murder. Quite actually, on a daily basis, we can call it “genocide.” Serial killing would be a light term to use for each drone operator who performs such disgusting acts of cruelty.

So, we have Napoleon, Hitler – who’s next? With 7 million dead in 2012 from pollution alone… we all know the reality by now. There is no “disinformation campaign” that can serve as an insanity plea for the geoengineers. There is no “global warming” excuse that they can now use to keep gassing the population with sulfur dioxide.

The reality is… we all know better. It’s time to do more than we know. Act, rather than observe. This should have been ended before it started – but unfortunately, we are allowing history to repeat itself.

We can only hope for the sake of humanity, that we are able to look back on this, one day – just as Hitler’s holocaust, and say to ourselves “I’m glad that’s over. You see how those people were? What freaks. I’m glad we’ve evolved since then.”

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