PR: Third Geoengineering Film In Production

Activist and producer Michael J. Murphy has begun production on his third film exposing the geoengineering cover-up, entitled “An UNconventional Shade of Grey.”

With a recent poll indicating that only 8% of the population is aware of the geoengineering scheme, using methods of film production, combined with atmospheric tests and a “call-to-action” that involves a class-action lawsuit against geoengineering is sure to raise awareness in the public’s eye.

Although geoengineering and cloud seeding have long been contested in a court of law, Michael J. Murphy’s class action lawsuit hopes to be the final straw to break the terrorist’s back. With multiple films produced, and the next in progress, he needs your help to support our cause.

Watch the trailer:

We all know that geoengineers are like the annoying flies that swarm around our heads, but they seem to be too fast for the swatter to catch. In fact, much like a fly, all cloud seeding operations are labeled as a “nuisance” by the Texas Supreme Court.

If a storm is formed, a trespass is committed, that affects any man’s possessions or property, and self-defense or extradition is permissible; considering the nature of the attack.

The difference between a fly and a geoengineer, is that we don’t have a swatter – we have a military with laser-precision drones that could take out these bases without question. There is no excuse for one more cloud to be lofted over anyone – ever again.¬†Addresses of cloud seeding bases, names, and other information is provided on this website – and we must stop these eco-terrorists – before it’s too late.

When Senator John Kerry accused President Assad of using chemical weapons against his own citizens – he had no evidence. Only hearsay. The entire nation is in uproar and civil war now, simply from one un-provable accusation.

Look up. This isn’t Syria – and we have the evidence.

If you are able to donate to Michael Murphy’s work, in order to continue production of the film, please visit his GoFundMe page¬†and choose the “donate” button to make a contribution of your choosing.

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