Tornado Assimilation With High Frequency Active Auroral Research Program (HAARP)

“Others are engaging even in an eco-type of terrorism, whereby they can alter the climate, set off earthquakes, volcanoes remotely through the use of electromagnetic waves.”
-Secretary of Defense William Cohen

Discussing the idea of intentionally causing a volcanic eruption, in Google Group “GEO,” none other than our lovely domestic terrorist and financial advisor, Andrew Lockley.!searchin/geoengineering/volcano$20eruption/geoengineering/eaff7IPUEg0/SuA5lmc5YSAJ


What is it like to “play God?” What would it be like to murder someone – or destroy an entire town – from a safe distance, while never answering for what you have to do? Just ask the guys at HAARP.

The above photo shows what HAARP is able to do with an ionospheric heater. Note the word “heater.” Electromagnetic fields are directed at a portion of the atmosphere, which when reflected, are able to target specific areas with weather patterns. This is an obvious weather-control research pattern – and has proven to be extremely destructive over recent years.

Dunes in the Empty Quarter, 1,000 mile area of dunes and desert, not crossed until 20th century, Arabian Peninsula, Sultanate of

The “coincidences” attributed to the use of HAARP, combined with the time anomalies of their atmospheric heater activation, are – according to probability and statistics – related to HAARP itself. HAARP has recently removed their magnetometer (the measure of EMF ejection) from the public view, and is no longer available on their website.

The massive earthquake of Japan, and the Tsunami of Haiti are events directly attributed to HAARP – just to name a few. With the last few years of extreme weather patterns, we are left with no “coincidences” when it comes to this machine of destruction.


In addition, the High Frequency Active Auroral Research Program uses the protection of a military name to perform their acts of weather warfare ( However, these are not “soldiers.” These are a group of experimental “scientists” with no more knowledge of the atmosphere than many high-school students (

We are left to reap the “benefits” of this project, and left paying the check for our own (intentional) destruction.

Obviously, cloud seeding and geoengineering are the two basic causes of every storm. Because, according to physics, clouds cannot form naturally on earth ( However, these “tests” within the atmosphere are able to control and steer weather patterns, and this is the exact stated purpose of this facility (

Regardless of cloud seeding, geoengineering, or directed ionospheric-heater testing – all weather modification is banned, globally. See our “Weather Modification History” page for more details.

Unfortunately, with the removal of the magnetometer from public view, it is no longer to prove that HAARP created any weather pattern within a particular area. HAARP had a North, South, East, and West grid for each of their locations in Alaska. When the magnetometer was online – it was a rather simple process.

Now, we are only left to speculate. One thing is for sure – HAARP should be closed. There is absolutely no purpose for this waste of Federal tax dollars, and it is in blatant violation of American laws and of International Weather Modification treaties.

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