As Tornadoes Cause Deaths, Cloud Seeders Claim Success

On Wednesday, as 2 victims were found dead, and nearly a dozen injured, SOAR (Seeding Operations and Atmospheric Research) claimed “success” on their mission.

Over Young, Throckmorton, Baylor, and Archer county, as part of Texas Weather Modification’s ongoing cloud seeding efforts (which have taken place since 1891, creating “tornado alley”) fired 16 silver iodide flares into passing clouds from aircraft.

Although not the same as geoengineering, which is a form of creating an original cloud to begin the aircraft seeding process, silver iodide flares are used to produce rain and/or storms from clouds that are already present in the atmosphere, from ground-seeding, geoengineering aircraft, or ship-based locations (cloud reflectivity modification or “ship tracks“).

The tornadoes created by this group annually have led to the deaths of thousands, the displacement and inconvenience of millions, and unspeakable property destruction through “tornado alley.”

Using geoengineering-manufactured clouds as a scheme to “seed clouds with rain-producing materials to combat drought” merely results in acid rain, caused by sulfur dioxide (the main ingredient used in geoengineering), which is rather ironic when considering the fact that aerosols are used to dry out the land in the first place (see: fog dissemination); as fog used to once water the earth.

As there is no such thing as a natural cloud, fog dissemination a.k.a geoengineering, or chemical terrorism, and the processes of cloud seeding work together as part of a worldwide carbon credit scheme, cashing in on people’s lives and property.


SOAR officials, Texas Weather Modification employees, Texas Department of Licensing and Regulation employees, as well as geoengineering operators and researchers can be prosecuted under cloud seeding laws, and can be extradited for criminal prosecution under present law.

As of now, 2 deaths and numerous injuries have been reported. Cloud seeding operations continue, leaving the death toll to this ongoing mass-murder up to authorities who have the ability to stop it.

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